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''Those darn millennials! Entitled! No work ethic! High Expectations!" We hear this all the time about youth in the workplace. I have the great pleasure of working with Max daily and I can tell you unequivocally he puts these tired stereotypes to shame! His energy and enthusiasm are contagious and his genuine care and concern for his clients is inspiring. I have learned much from him in relatively short time he's been with us, but I can honestly say his work is amazing

Trina Stanford (Employment Specialist)

Pinecrest-Queensway Community Health Centre - Ottawa

In the short time I've known Max, he has demonstrated fantastic levels of courtesy, professionalism, and genuineness. A true philanthropist in every sense of the word, Max has a sense of compassion that others can learn from. An overall great guy.

*Christian is committed to helping his neighbours, friends, community and country, providing support and guidance services in the United States

Chrisitan Brian Larsen (founder, LetsHelpLife + LetsHelpApparel)

Austin, TX - U.S.A.

I was very impressed with how much information he could teach in such a short a mount of time. Maxime was very good at making sure people were participating as well as learning. He was very helpful and a pleasure to listen to!!


@ CHEO Youth Net - Youth Advisory Commitee

Maxime Le’s talk was informative, engaging, and was supported by humorous videos. The best part of the talk was when he helped refresh participants resumes in just a matter of minutes.

Courtney and the Carlingwood Library Teen Advisory group

@ Ottawa Public Library

He was very open and his presentation was very interesting. It was very informational and [we] learned a lot about how to format resumes and how to perform in interviews. [We] learned a lot more about how to prepare for a job.

Dahlia, Tarah and Nabeela (Ottawa Public Libary attendees)

@ Ottawa Public Library

Max is patient, dedicated and very skilled. When I recieve my product, the first thing that comes to mind is "Wow, how did he do that"? Max will always be my number one go to for professional advice or graphic design.

Christopher Vallee (chief news anchor)

CA News Ottawa

I thought the workshop was great! Max is really savvy about job searching and about keeping employment. He is an excellent resource for helping the employment of youth.

Sara (workshop participant)


Workshop leader was very enthusiastic.

Shamsuddin (workshop participant)


I found the presentation very helpful, because I had never attended a presentation about applying for jobs before. I think some of my previous knowledge about this topic was incorrect or out-dated. The presenter (Max) was very enthusiastic and nice. He kept going even though there were some technical difficulties. 

Ottawa Public Library attendee

@ Ottawa Public Library

Max cares about the children.

Adel (workshop participant)


Very informational and will help me in the future.

Vanessa (Ottawa Public Library attendee)

@ Ottawa Public Library

I didn't know much about social media... (and I'm a millenial child!). But this workshop informed me about the functions of social media and the purposes that different social mediums have (i.e.: Facebook, Linked In, Twitter). It was really worth it.

Sara (workshop participant)


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